Clash Weights

Clash Weights is a website I created, but no longer host, to help players of the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. In this game, you join a clan, which consists of up to 50 other players. Your clan can initiate a war with another clan, where you attack the other clan’s players. The way your clan is matched up against another clan is based on your war weight. All of your troops and defensive structures have a weight assigned to them. Using the Clash of Clans API and the player’s player tag (a unique identifier for each player), Clash Weights calculates a player’s war weight.

The website was built using Ruby on Rails (my first time using Rails). The IDE I used was Aptana Studio 3. It was hosted on my Linode (Ubuntu server).

You can view the source files here.

Reminder Tabs

Reminder Tabs is a Google Chrome extension. When you have a tab open you can click on the Reminder Tabs button and have that tab automatically open at a later time. You can set it to open once at a later time, or daily, weekly, or monthly.

I made it because bookmarks never worked very well for me. I would bookmark a page and then never look at my bookmarks. With Reminder Tabs, the page will automatically open up later so I won’t forget about it.

This extension is just HTML, CSS, and Javascript which uses the Chrome Extensions API.