VR Shoe – A Motorized Shoe to Use in Virtual Reality Games

I have moved my VR Shoe content to this site. Please go there to learn about it. I’ve left the content here just for historical value.

I recently started my YouTube channel, Finally Functional. Currently, I’m uploading videos about a project I’m working on in my spare time, which I call the VR shoe.

The VR shoe is a motorized shoe that is intended to be used when playing virtual reality games. The shoe is meant to keep you in the same place as you walk, like a treadmill. Unlike a treadmill, the VR shoes are omni-directional, meaning that you can walk in any direction, or even strafe side to side. The VR shoes will allow you to put your VR headset on, start up your game, and walk around in any direction in the virtual world while staying in the same spot in the real world.

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